Bespoke Slatted Displays For Shops


Our slatted displays used within shops but can also be used for exhibitions incorporating acrylic accessories. Available in unlimited colours we can build your slatted displays to match any colour. These are perfect if you are looking to display clothing items or accessories. If you have particular dimesions you need creating, just let us know and we can design you something for your needs.

Why Use Slatted Displays Over Other Display Types?

Slatted displays are great if you are looking to exhibit items of diffrent sizes within your shop. With slatted displays you can adjust the heights and widths of the slats to fit in products of all sizes.

Our dissp0lays come in many shapes and sizes. Each have their own qualities for promoting articles within you store. For example you may want a slatted display in the center of your shop, that can be viewed from all angles. If thats the case we would highly recommend our Tower Display Unit.

If you are looking to clothing of diffrent types. I.e. Tops, shorts and accessories on the same stand to display a full outfit, we would recommend going for the L-Shaped Gondola slatted display stand.

If you want to display products at point of purchase, to entice impulsive sales at the counter, then we would recommend our slatted front shop counter.