Bespoke Greeting Card Stands from Universal


At Universal Shop Equipment, we manufacture and deliver greeting card display stands to retailers across the UK. Our shop fittings are used to display greeting cards, leaflets, brochures, cd's, dvd's, books and many more. Our card display stands are competitively priced, with the aim to be cheaper than our competitors with no compromise in quality.

Tailored Stands That Take Pride in Your Store

All our card units are manufactured to order with a wide range of colours & finishes available. Our greeting card stands are manufactured on site in our factory / warehouse. We can customise your card display stand to your exact requirements.

All of our card stands come in different shapes and styles to suit your business requirements. Our card stands are designed to display the maximum amount of cards, without comprimising on aesthetics of the display. If you are looking for additional storage, we provide card display stands with built in concealed storage.

All of our stands are all tailor made to your specifications. We can design them in all shapes an sizes to what you require. If you are having trouble picking the perfect stand, give one of our friendly advisors a call, and they would be happy to help.